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■論文No. 1256
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Present Condition and Future Trend of Wind Power Technologies

■著者名 風力発電技術の現状と将来動向調査専門委員会
■著者名(英語) Investigation R&D Committee on Present Condition and Future Trend of Wind Power Technologies
■価格 会員 ¥3,564 一般 ¥4,455
■書籍種類 技術報告
■グループ名 【B】電力・エネルギー部門
■本誌掲載ページ ページ
■キーワード 風力発電,出力変動,平滑化,洋上風力発電,機械的安全性・信頼性/Wind power generation, Power variation, Smoothing, Offshore wind power, Mechanical safety and reliability
■要約(日本語) 近年,エネルギー供給の信頼性の確保,エネルギーの有効利用,地球環境保護等の観点から,風力発電の導入が世界的に進められている。しかし風力発電は「新エネルギー」と呼ばれるようにその本格的な普及からの歴史は浅く,従来の水力・火力・原子力発電ほどに成熟した技術ではない。そのため,導入の拡大が進み運用の経験が蓄積されていく中で,様々な問題が明らかになってきており,また新技術も開発されつつある。
(1) 風力発電の現状と課題をまとめた。特に電力系統への導入に影響を与える出力変動対策について体系的に分類整理した。また,将来の導入拡大に向けて必要な技術をまとめた。これにより,最新の風力発電技術に関する基礎的理解を得やすくした。
(2) 風力発電の導入比率や運用経験については,特に欧州の方が我が国より進んでいることから,我が国のみならず海外の情報についても多く盛り込むことで,世界の状況を把握できるようにした。
■要約(英語) In recent years, installation of wind power generation has been making remarkable progress from the viewpoint of such as security and reliability of the energy supply, efficient utilization of the energy, and global environment protection. However, it is not long since wind power generation was started substantially, as called “new energy”, and is not a mature technique compared with conventional hydro, thermal, and nuclear power generation. Thus, various problems become clear with the expansion of the installation and the accumulation of the operation experience, and new technologies are under development. In this report, present condition and future trend of wind power technologies, mainly regarding power variation, offshore wind power, and safety, were summarized from a wide viewpoints of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering, by investigating domestic and foreign articles and technical reports as follows: (1) Present condition and problems were summarized. Especially, measures taken against output power variation, which has an impact on the integration into power system, are classified systematically. Then, technologies required for the future introduction expansion are summarized. These help to understand the latest technologies of wind power generation. (2) Since European countries are advanced more than Japan about rate of wind power generation and operational experiences, information of not only Japan but also foreign countries was incorporated in the report, in order to understand the circumstances in the world.
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