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■論文No. 1467
■ページ数 70ページ
■タイトル 電力系統の電圧運用・制御技術
■タイトル(英語) Power system voltage operation and control technology
■著者名 電力系統の電圧運用・制御技術調査専門委員会
■著者名(英語) Investigating R & D Committee on Power system voltage operation and control technology
■価格 会員 ¥3,880 一般 ¥5,544
■書籍種類 技術報告
■グループ名 【B】電力・エネルギー部門
■本誌掲載ページ ページ
■キーワード 電圧運用、電圧制御、再生可能エネルギー、電力システム改革/Voltage operation, Voltage control, Renewable energy, Power system reform
■要約(日本語) 従来の電力系統においては,需要規模の拡大,電源の遠隔化・偏在化,広域運営の拡大などを前提として,大電力を都市部の需要地へ比較的長距離にわたって計画的に送電しており,電力系統の電圧運用・制御技術についても,その形態にあわせて発展してきた。
本技術報告では,一般送配電事業者,送電事業者へのアンケートを基に,電力系統における電圧運用の実態を把握した上で, 再エネ電源の大量導入や電力システム改革の進展など電力系統を取り巻く環境の変化が電圧運用におよぼす影響,ならびに電圧制御技術について調査・整理した。さらに,電圧の安定運用を維持するための対策について,国内外の事例を調査・整理した。
■要約(英語) In the conventional power system, large power is systematically transmitted over relatively long distances to demand areas in urban areas, along with expansion of demand scale, remoteness and uneven distribution of power sources, and expansion of wide area operation. The voltage operation and control technology of the power system has also been developed according to the form. It is becoming difficult to predict the amount and direction of power flowing through the transmission line due to the increase in interconnection of renewable energy power sources such as solar power generation, wind power generation and biomass power generation. Therefore, and the actual conditions of voltage operation of the power system and voltage control technology are also changing in response to these changes. In this technical report, based on a questionnaire to general power transmission and distribution operators, the actual conditions of voltage operation in the electric power system is grasped, and the influence on the voltage operation and the voltage control technology due to the change such as mass interconnection of renewable energy sources and progress of Power system reform were investigated and organized. In addition, domestic and foreign measures to maintain stable operation of voltage were investigated.
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