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Control system components for power converter circuit

■著者名 パワーエレクトロニクス用コントロールシステム構成要素に関する調査専門委員会
■著者名(英語) Investigating R&D Committee on Control system components for power converter circuit
■価格 会員 ¥2,772 一般 ¥3,960
■書籍種類 技術報告
■グループ名 【D】産業応用部門
■本誌掲載ページ ページ
■キーワード パワーエレクトロニクス,デジタルコントローラ,センサ/Power converter circuit, digital controller, sensor
■要約(日本語) パワーエレクトロニクス装置において、制御器は欠かすことのできないものである。パワエレ用制御器は、対象となるパワエレ装置によって非常に多様な構成形態を取る。パワエレ装置のコントローラやセンサと言っても、小容量のものから大容量のものまで、サイズ的にもコスト的にも非常に幅が広いものとなる。また、マイクロコンピュータの選択に関しても、CPU, DSP などそれぞれの性能が向上したことにより、特にこの10年程で製品に対する現実的な選択肢が非常に広がってきている。
■要約(英語) In power converter circuit, digital controllers have to be installed for control the current and voltage. The control system takes a diverse configuration depending on the target applications. Even though, it is a digital controller or a sensor for power converter circuit, from a small capacity to a large capacity, it becomes very wide in both size and cost. With respect to the selection of the microcomputer, due to the improvement of the performance of each of CPU, DSP and etc., realistic options for the product have been widely spread especially in the last ten years. With the advances in power semiconductor devices and in digital controllers, novel power conversion technologies have been realized one after another in the era of power electronics technology. Many papers have been published on the power devices, but since the controllers and sensors tend to be described as part of realized functions for converters, performance verification as a controller for power electronics, classification, etc. There are few literatures that have been done. The committee surveyed comprehensively about controllers, sensors, etc., and organized these technologies that were divided by applications, power capacity, and manufacturer, systematically. Therefore, it is considered to be useful information for engineers and designers of power electronics circuits to conduct a research report.
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