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Advanced maintenance technology aimed at improving the safety and power quality of demand equipment

■著者名 需要設備の安全性と電力品質の向上を目指した保全高度化技術調査専門委員会
■著者名(英語) Committee of advanced maintenance technology aimed at improving the safety and power quality of demand equipment
■価格 会員 ¥4,296 一般 ¥6,138
■書籍種類 技術報告
■グループ名 【D】産業応用部門
■本誌掲載ページ ページ
■キーワード 需要設備,スマート保安,電力品質,保全高度化,データ活用/Demand equipment, Smart security, Power quality, Maintenance upgrading, Data utilization
■要約(日本語) 本調査専門委員会では,需要家側の視点に立ち,需要設備の電力品質維持と保全高度化に関わる技術分野を対象に ,データ蓄積とその活用を中心とした最新動向と課題を調査した。
■要約(英語) In this committee, from the viewpoint of the consumer side, the latest trend and problem centering on data accumulation and utilization were investigated. In Chapter 2, the survey results of safety measures technology such as leakage detection and ground fault detection are introduced. In Chapter 3, deterioration diagnosis technology of cable, substation equipment, and storage battery equipment is explained. In Chapter 4, equipment protection technology such as disaster countermeasures is introduced. In Chapter 5, power quality optimization technology such as voltage fluctuation suppression and harmonic suppression is introduced. In Chapter 6, common base construction technology of the maintenance data, data utilization technology, etc. are explained. In Chapter 7, the present state of VR/AR/MR and BIM utilization is explained. By the investigation of this committee, it was confirmed that various efforts for the maintenance upgrading were carried out in many fields of electrical facilities. On the effective utilization of the maintenance data, it was found that many efforts were carried out for each enterprise. On the other hand, on the common base construction of the maintenance data for advancing the challenge in the whole industry, it was proven that the realization of the effective utilization is a future problem. Therefore, it is necessary to continue these latest trend investigations, and to carry out trend surveys at the policy level such as smart security of ministry of economy, trade and industry in parallel.
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