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How to use linear motor effectively

■著者名 産業用リニアドライブの活用技術調査専門委員会
■著者名(英語) Investigating R&D Committee on Technology for Utilizing Industrial Linear Drives
■価格 会員 ¥3,603 一般 ¥5,148
■書籍種類 技術報告
■グループ名 【D】産業応用部門
■本誌掲載ページ ページ
■キーワード リニアモータ,リニアアクチュエータ,特長,活用事例,バックドライバビリティ/Linear Motor, Linear Actuator, Features, Case Study, Back Drivability
■要約(日本語) 1980年代から搬送装置や製造装置等に使われ始めたリニアモータおよびリニアドライブ技術は,性能や入手性の向上から,現在さまざまな用途で使われている。そして,装置設計においてなくてはならない選択肢の一つとなっている。しかしその効果的な使い方はあまり示されておらず,十分に知られていない。
■要約(英語) Linear motor and linear drive technologies, which began to be used in conveyors and manufacturing equipment in the 1980s, are currently being used in various applications due to improved performance and availability. And it is one of the indispensable options in equipment design. However, its effective use has not been shown much and is not well known. In this technical report, the following contents are described so that the reader can draw out the performance of the linear drive technology and use the linear motor well. Chapter 2 shows the features of linear motors in linear motion equipment used for industrial purposes. It also describes the types of linear motors and the components required to operate the linear motors. Chapter 3 describes from the viewpoint of the features of linear motors, what kind of linear motor is used and how the device using the linear motor realizes the high specifications required for the device. Chapter 4 takes up the features of linear motors that were not well known until now, such as space saving, maintenance saving, multi-heading, and high back drivability, and shows the devices that make use of these features. In addition, examples of its use in the fields of vibration damping and control and other examples of its use are also introduced. The appendix introduces technological trends such as patents and motor analysis as a reference for readers.
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