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A Dynamic Adjustment Method of Dead Band Width for Advanced Voltage Control in Power Systems

■著者名 小関 英雄((一財)電力中央研究所 グリッドイノベーション研究本部/横浜国立大学 大学院理工学府),辻 隆男(横浜国立大学 大学院理工学府)
■著者名(英語) Hideo Koseki (Grid Innovation Research Laboratory, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry/Graduate School of Engineering Science, Yokohama National University), Takao Tsuji (Graduate School of Engineering Science, Yokohama National University)
■価格 会員 ¥550 一般 ¥770
■書籍種類 論文誌(論文単位)
■グループ名 【B】電力・エネルギー部門
■本誌 電気学会論文誌B(電力・エネルギー部門誌) Vol.142 No.3 (2022)
■本誌掲載ページ 169-181ページ
■原稿種別 論文/日本語
■電子版へのリンク https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/ieejpes/142/3/142_169/_article/-char/ja/
■キーワード 電圧無効電力制御,短絡容量,電圧感度,電圧変動,不感帯  VQC,short circuit capacity,voltage sensitivity,voltage fluctuation,dead band
■要約(英語) In power systems, it is necessary to properly manage the reactive power to maintain the voltage within a desired operating range. The voltage in an Extra High Voltage (EHV) system has been maintained by using voltage controllers (Synchronous Generator (SG), Shunt (Shunt Reactor), SC (Static Condenser), On Load Tap Changer (OLTC), etc.). Currently, the introduction of Distributed Energy power Resources (DER) is increasing rapidly and the number of conventional SGs in service which have supported voltage in power systems are being decreased. Hence, it is highly required to realize more flexible voltage regulation even with the DER integration in order to avoid voltage deviation caused by insufficient reactive power support from the conventional SGs.This paper proposes the Centralized Voltage and Reactive Power (Q) Control (VQC) which can manage the control setpoints of Local VQC in substation. The proposal controller monitors the short circuit capacity and updates the dead band width depending on the step size of the voltage control. The control effect of the Local VQC combined with the proposal controller was verified through numerical simulations by using a developed VQC simulation software.
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