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Effects of Introducing Charging Promotion Time Zone According to Day Cumulative Irradiance to Increase EV Charging with Renewable Energy

■著者名 渡邉 雅俊(名古屋大学大学院工学研究科),占部 千由(名古屋大学大学院工学研究科),加藤 丈佳(名古屋大学 未来材料・システム研究所),中村 俊之(岐阜大学 工学部),山本 俊行(名古屋大学 未来材料・システム研究所),星野 優子(ENEOS(株)中央技術研究所),小西 充峻(ENEOS(株)中央技術研究所)
■著者名(英語) Masatoshi Watanabe (Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University), Chiyori T. Urabe (Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University), Takeyoshi Kato (Institutes of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, Nagoya University), Toshiyuki Nakamura (Faculty of Engineering, Gifu University), Toshiyuki Yamamoto (Institutes of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, Nagoya University), Yuko Hoshino (ENEOS Corpration), Mitsutaka Konishi (ENEOS Corpration)
■価格 会員 ¥550 一般 ¥770
■書籍種類 論文誌(論文単位)
■グループ名 【B】電力・エネルギー部門
■本誌 電気学会論文誌B(電力・エネルギー部門誌) Vol.144 No.6 (2024)
■本誌掲載ページ 364-375ページ
■原稿種別 論文/日本語
■電子版へのリンク https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/ieejpes/144/6/144_364/_article/-char/ja/
■キーワード 電気自動車,充電需要,道路交通センサス,余剰電力  electric vehicle,charging demand,road traffic census,surplus power
■要約(英語) Future massive introduction of renewable power generation can cause a large amount of surplus power. The surplus power can be utilized effectively to charge Electric Vehicles (EVs) significantly if the timing of charging demand can be shifted to follow the change in renewable power supply. In order to assess the feasible EV charging using surplus renewable power, this study proposes a model for EV users' charging decisions according to SOC and cumulative irradiance, in which individual EV utilization patterns are taken into account based on a road traffic census. Then, this study evaluates the effect of a Charging Promotion Time Zone (CPTZ) depending on the daily cumulative irradiance to increase EV charging by surplus power. The result for the Chubu area, which is in the middle of the main island in Japan, shows that the proposed CPTZ increases EV charging with renewable power by about 14% without compromising the convenience of EVs as vehicles.
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