May, 2010 no.3-10

* Title:

A New Digital Process of Standard Side Mirror Development
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* Author(s):

Ji Hyuk Cho (Hyundai-Motor)
Kang Duck Ih (Hyundai-Motor)
Moo Sang Kim (Hyundai-Motor)
Sivapalan Senthooran (EXA)
Michael Haffey (EXA)
David Freed (EXA)
Eui-Sung Choi (EXA-KOREA)

* Main 20 Categories: Power Transmission
* Language: English
* Origin: Proceedings
* Keyword(s): Standard Side Mirror;Design Parameter;Morphing;Design of Experiment
* Issue Date: May, 2010
* Pages: 4 pages
( p13-p16 )
* Size: A4
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