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Overseas Technical Papers (except for SAE Papers)
Bibliographies of overseas automotive technical papers published in Automotive Technical Paper Abstract Collections are available for viewing. (Japanese only)

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JSAE Paper Number: 20200156   Apr, 2020 Issued   Vol.81 No.4
Deposit Formation on Diesel Oxidation Catalysts
Author(s): Kevin Friese; Peter Eilts; Bernhard Luers    Origin: MTZ
  English A4  3pages 
JSAE Paper Number: 20200155   Apr, 2020 Issued   Vol.81 No.4
Meeting Emissions Limits while Improving Efficiency
Author(s): Jeff Diestelmeier    Origin: MTZ
  English A4  7pages 
JSAE Paper Number: 20200154   Apr, 2020 Issued   Vol.81 No.4
Evaluation of Impulsive Diesel Combustion Sound Components
Author(s): Jonathan Luik; Jorg Vetter; Rob Opdam    Origin: MTZ
  English A4  4pages 
JSAE Paper Number: 20200153   Apr, 2020 Issued   Vol.81 No.4
Connecting Rods Made of Micro-alloyed Forged Steel
Author(s): Claudius Kremer; Kai Muller-Babic    Origin: MTZ
  English A4  13pages 
JSAE Paper Number: 20200152   Apr, 2020 Issued   Vol.81 No.4
Developing a Spark-Ignition Engine with 45 % Efficiency
Author(s): Marc Sens; Michael Gunther; Mario Medicke; Ulrich Walther    Origin: MTZ
  English A4  6pages 
JSAE Paper Number: 20200151   Apr, 2020 Issued   Vol.81 No.4
Lean Gasoline Engine with Matching Aftertreatment System
Author(s): Richard Osborne; Andrew Lane; Niall Turner; Jeremy Gidney    Origin: MTZ
  English A4  5pages 
JSAE Paper Number: 20200150   Apr, 2020 Issued   Vol.81 No.4
High Performance Alloy for Cylinder Heads
Author(s): Ricardo Fernandez Gutierrez; Bernhard Stauder; Selina Dietz; Wolfgang Bente    Origin: MTZ
  English A4  7pages 
JSAE Paper Number: 20200149   Apr, 2020 Issued   Vol.81 No.4
The LiteKS-5 Piston Concept ? A Contribution to Reducing CO2 Emissions
Author(s): Klaus Lormes; Jochen Schumacher; Edward Werninghaus; Jochen Muller    Origin: MTZ
  English A4  8pages 
JSAE Paper Number: 20200148   Apr, 2020 Issued   Vol.122 No.4
Cruising Range of an Electric Automobile on Highways
Author(s): Karl Heinz Kraft    Origin: ATZ
  English A4  5pages 
JSAE Paper Number: 20200147   Apr, 2020 Issued   Vol.122 No.4
Design and Material Concept for an Armored Vehicle in Small Series
Author(s): Christian Draser; Christian Grauer; Markus Ritterswurden    Origin: ATZ
  English A4  5pages 

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