Terms of Use

  These Terms of Use (including the rules attached to these Terms of Use) stipulate the conditions for customers using the service "Book Park Service" (hereinafter sometimes referred to as "This Service") operated and provided by Contents Works Inc. (hereinafter sometimes referred to as "Our Company").
  If a customer uses This Service, the customer is considered to have agreed with these Terms of Use.
* When there is some provision separately specified on each site, such provisions will be prioritized.

1. About the Book Park Service

  This Service is a service for the sale and delivery of the contents with which Contents Works Inc. was entrusted by copyright holders and publishers.

2. About the Treatment of Personal Information

  Our Company shall responsibly manage the personal information collected from customers in This Service.
The definition and use of personal information shall be pursuant to the privacy policy of This Service.

3. About the Disclosure, Amendment, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information

  With regard to the personal information Our Company holds, if a customer or a representative approved by the customer requests the disclosure, amendment, or suspension of the use of personal information, Our Company will first check whether the requesting person is a valid customer or a representative approved by the customer, and then act efficiently in a reasonable and appropriate manner. Please contact the Customer Support Center described at the end of this document.
  However, Our Company will not accept requests if your case is one of the following:
(1) It is impossible to identify the customer or the representative approved by the customer.
(2) The request may be a threat to the rights and profits of the customer or any third party.
(3) The request has a risk of causing significant trouble to the business operation of Our Company.
(4) The request has a risk of violating other laws.
(5) There is some other compelling reason.

4. About the Use of the Book Park Service

(1) Completion of Order
  When a user finishes the procedures for an order by following the procedures specified in each site of This Service, such as the selection of products and the registration of necessary information, the user's order with Our Company shall be deemed completed. In addition, the ordered products will be dispatched to customers only when payment for them is confirmed* by Our Company.
* "Payment is confirmed" when the customer properly finishes ordering with a credit card or cash on delivery or when the customer settles all due amounts via bank transfer, postal transfer, or convenience store transaction and Our Company confirms the money is received.
(2) Cancellation, Refunds, and Return of Articles
  Due to the nature of This Service, Our Company will not accept cancellations or return requests after the ordered product is made or for a customer's personal reason. However, if there is some defect, paging disorder, or pages missing in our products, please contact the Customer Support Center described at the end of this document; Our Company will replace them.
(3) Specifications of Products
  The specifications are restricted to those specified by Our Company and copyright holders or publishers. Thus Our Company will not meet any request beyond such specifications.
(4) Scope of Application of This Service
  The scope of application of This Service shall be basically inside Japan only, excluding some websites. (List of Websites Supporting International Shipping)

5. Changes, etc. of the Contents of the Book Park Service

(1) Our Company may add, amend, remove, or change some content of This Service when needed, without prior notice to users.
(2) Our Company may suspend temporarily or stop completely the offer of This Service without prior notice to users, because of maintenance or inspection of the systems for This Service, unforeseen circumstances, or other reasons.

6. Prohibited Items

  The following actions are prohibited with regard to the use of This Service.
(1) Conduct that hinders the operation of This Service by Our Company.
(2) Spoofing or other fraudulent acts in using This Service.
(3) Duplicating, reprinting, digitizing, tampering with all or part of the contents obtained through This Service beyond the range specified by the copyright law, transferring, exchanging, or reselling to any third party, etc.
(4) If a user commits one of the above-mentioned infractions, Our Company will warn the user, suspend the use of This Service, claim for damages, or take other measures, at the discretion of Our Company.

7. Range of Indemnity and Compensation for Damage

(1) Although there is the possibility that the data provided through This Service may not be displayed accurately due to some unforeseen problem with communications equipment, software, telephone lines, or other devices of facilities, Our Company will not assume responsibility in this situation.
(2) If Our Company dispatches the ordered product to the registered customer's address and the product does not arrive for some reason not attributed to Our Company, Our Company will not assume responsibility in these situations.
In such case, we will hold the product for 60 days and it will be discarded if registered customer does not make a re-delivery request within that period.
(3) If Our Company should take responsibility toward a user for the compensation of damages for some reason attributed to Our Company or for some legal reason, the amount of the compensation for damages shall not be more than the sum of all the money the said user has paid to Our Company.

8. Change of These Terms of Use

(1) Our Company may change these Terms of Use without prior notice to users when the law or other regulations change. Changes in these Terms of Use will be effective when the change is placed on these web pages stating these Terms of Use.
(2) When a user uses This Service after a change of these Terms of Use has been set forth, it is considered that the user agrees with the changed Terms of Use.

9. Governing Law

  The completion, effect, and interpretation of these Terms of Use shall be in accordance with Japanese Law.

10. Jurisdictional Court

  Any conflict regarding This Service and these Terms of Use shall be heard in the first trial of an agreement jurisdictional court in Tokyo District Court.

11. Others

(1) These Terms of Use shall be an agreement between users and Our Company regarding the offer and use of This Service, and can be recognized as the declaration, guarantee, and conditions, etc. of every matter regarding This Service.
(2) Even if part of these Terms of Use is recognized as illegal or invalid by the judgment of law or courts, the other parts of these Terms of Use will effectively remain in force.

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Customer Support Division
Contents Works Inc.
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3-42-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
150-0001 JAPAN
E-mail: support@bookpark.ne.jp

(Additional Clause)
1.These Terms of Use were enforced on Aug 3, 2005
2.These Terms of Use were updated & enforced on Apr 16, 2018

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